VPLS Recognized as One of the Fastest-Growing Private Companies in the OC

This past September, VPLS was one of the 148 companies mentioned in the Orange County Business Journal’s (OCBJ) list of the Fastest-Growing Private companies of 2018.

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The Winter Olympics: A Cybercriminal’s Wonderland

Go for the Gold in Cybersecurity During the Winter Olympics!

As attendees from across the world focused their attention towards their favorite Winter Olympic team, another group of individuals seized the opportunity and focused their attention towards taking home their version of the Olympic gold: your personal information. 

Let’s dive into the tricks and techniques of these cybercriminals and how they earned their “winnings” during the Winter Olympics 2018 in Pyeongchang, South Korea. 

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2018 Trend Alert – Security Scams Will Be Everywhere This Year!

2018 Cybersecurity – Will Cyber Scams Take Over 2018?

Surfing the web was virtually impossible as multitudes of warnings flashed before our eyes. Consumers were routinely warned to be on watch for lurkers in our email inboxes, online purchases, and our social media accounts; the hot spot for solicitors to prowl for private data.

We found ourselves performing daily tasks with paranoia, such as questioning every message that came our way with a link or an attachment, and we lead ourselves to think that a solution is right around the corner.

Yet, cyber security warn us that last year’s scams were just the tip of the iceberg! 2018 has a plethora of advanced scams to look out for – robots, targeted ransomware attacks, phony news as well as deceiving vulnerable businesses into helping them carry out their dirty work.

The following is an in-depth look of what scams will be trending dangers to look out for in the upcoming year in the cyber world.

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WordPress: XSS Vulnerabilities and Attacks


Recently, WordPress announced a security and maintenance release of WordPress 4.9.2, in response to a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability that was discovered in the Flash fallback files. The files have since been removed and users are encouraged to update their WordPress sites immediately.

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