Media and Entertainment

Media and entertainment IT professionals depend on reliable access to critical infrastructure to ensure efficient delivery of their content. 

Robust, low-latency, network connectivity

Media and entertainment IT professionals depend on reliable access to critical infrastructure. Our customers include: Music Labels, Film Studios, Game Developers, Post-Production Studios, and Media Outlets. They rely on us to provide fully secure environments with low latency connectivity to ensure business continuity.

Why media and entertainment organizations partner with VPLS

With our cross-connect and Cloud hop™ services you can directly access your service provider or cloud application provider on the same network connection you use for your Internet and location-to-location connectivity.

View some of our popular services:

  • Cloud Hop
  • Cross Connects
  • Managed Network
  • Colocation

How we've partnered successfully with other firms

Church network upgrade
Case Study

Case Study: FUMCCV

Security at the perimeter of the network is of utmost importance in today’s threat landscape. First United Methodist Church at Chula Vista (FUMCCV) engaged VPLS for a firewall upgrade and wireless site survey.

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Case Study

Case Study: Driven Solutions

VPLS Migrates and Upgrades Driven Solutions’ Hosting Infrastructure Published Filed under Driven Solutions partnered with VPLS to migrate their existing hosting infrastructure from their local

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Case Study

Case Study: VIP Foodservice

VIP Foodservice partnered with VPLS to enhance its network with Fortinet’s secure SD-WAN solution. Learn how VIP Foodservice achieved improvements in its overall security posture.

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