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Healthcare IT depends on reliable access to critical infrastructure. Our customers, including hospitals, care organizations, and insurance companies, rely on us to provide a fully secure, highly certified, environment.

The benefit of colocation for healthcare IT

Today, healthcare IT professionals face many challenges: keeping up with rapidly changing IT innovations, overcoming shortfalls in legacy systems and data centers, managing an ever-growing amount of patient data, reducing TCO, providing for BCDR, and ensuring interoperability of a variety of IT systems.

Colocating in a VPLS data center offers healthcare organizations a variety of solutions to tackle these issues. We have a presence of over 100 networks and over 50 cloud and IT service providers across our data center portfolio which enables instant access to data and workload support-whenever and wherever needed.

Why Healthcare Firms partner with VPLS

VPLS network and system engineers can help design a high-performance solution, leveraging cloud and network partners to manage your workloads while moving your data with greater speed and resiliency, all at for a low cost. The availability of scalable solutions from single racks to fully customized computer rooms allows healthcare organizations to safely and reliably operate with their ever-changing IT requirements.

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How we've partnered successfully with other firms

Case Study

Case Study: VIP Foodservice

VIP Foodservice partnered with VPLS to enhance its network with Fortinet’s secure SD-WAN solution. Learn how VIP Foodservice achieved improvements in its overall security posture.

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