Since 1998, VPLS’s dedicated servers brand Krypt has been servicing customers and is core to our Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform. Learn about our Bare Metal Hosting and Virtual Hosting options.

Hosting solutions to meet today's business demands

Bare metal servers are much more equipped to face and meet the growing demands of an expanding business, making them worthy investments and possibly one of the best decisions you ever make business-wise. Having a dedicated bare metal server means having your own space in the web that you don’t have to share with others.

At one point, shared hosting may be convenient and less expensive, but once your business grows, it becomes more inconvenient and more expensive to move your existing server to a new one in order to accommodate the demands of your growing business. A dedicated server on the other hand, allows you more room for flexibility and scalability, making it a better and cost-effective option.

Bare Metal Hosting

VPLS Bare Metal Servers are dedicated, single tenant servers that can be deployed and scaled with the same convenience as the cloud.

Virtual Hosting

VPLS Virtual Hosting through Krypt ION allows our customers to utilize a private virtual server spun up on a dedicated single-tenant virtual machine.

Why choose VPLS for your hosting needs

Greater Reliability

Dedicated servers give you more assurance that your website can run despite the pressures coming from heavy traffic loads. Most websites on shared servers crash when they experience heavy traffic and this downtime means money lost for one’s business. You can post high-resolution photos and videos in your server without having to worry about exceeding shared bandwidth limits which can cause downtime to your website. Your dedicated server assures that your website is up and running 24/7 whether in low or high traffic.

IPMI Capabilities

Access your servers IPMI capabilities through our out-of-band SSLVPN. From the administration console, you can reboot, reformat a server using virtual media over LAN, and access the KVM console.

Complete Root Access

Install anything you want. On demand, a machine will have the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, Perl, Apache, and more! Implement your own applications like WordPress, mail exchange, phpBB, Joomla, Magento, and many other mainstream applications.

Managed Services

We can help you with all your server needs through three levels of managed services. We offer a range of services including installation of basic operating systems into your dedicated server, monitoring, configuring and troubleshooting OS issues as well as management of third party applications to make sure that they are all working according to your specifications.

Snowball Effect

Start with an entry-level server and horizontally scale into a larger one. Growth has always been a priority so we’ve made nearly every environment instantly scalable.

Enhanced Security

Enjoy better security features by implementing encryption on your dedicated server. Shared servers operate with just one IP address and this makes them more susceptible to cyber attacks. Each VPLS dedicated server resides on a private VLAN so all traffic is segregated and cannot be sniffed or shared. Other providers use shared VLAN’s so IP addresses can be duplicated, causing conflicts and downtime. VPLS also offers various software- and hardware-based firewall solutions as well as DDoS mitigation to cleanse traffic to your server.

Wide Selection of Processors

VPLS offers the widest range of Intel based processors from Xeon E3/E5 series to the latest multi-core Xeon Scalable processors. Whether you’re looking for a high power workstation or server-grade processor, we have them all to meet your every requirement and budget.

High Availability Hardware

VPLS offers the widest variety of processors from low power Atoms to super fast and efficient quad core Xeons. Whether you need a desktop-class or server-grade processor, we have them all to meet your every requirement and budget.

Scale & Customize As Needed

The ability to scale and customize your server allows you to readily anticipate the changes that your business will face once it grows. Choose from numerous upgrade capabilities such as additional RAM, hard disks, bandwidth, control panel software, and other add-ons such as Krypt Turbo for enhanced network acceleration. In some cases, even an additional CPU can be added.

Automate Server Reformatting

Deploy any operating system we support in your dedicated server in as fast as a few minutes and for as many times as you wish!
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