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A large number of businesses are choosing to outsource their IT Support to professionals in the field rather than retaining IT support in-house. Sometimes the initiative is fueled by costs, frustrations with current IT support, or simply because it’s one less thing to worry about.

A few worthy mentions for why popularity of Managed IT services continues to flourish includes the following:

  • Efficiency and reliability of IT support operations greatly improve.
  • Cyber Security and compliance is made easier and more uniform.
  • Maintenance and upgrades are done proactively by the IT Services Provider.
  • Managed IT approach is cost-effective and allows for predictable management costs.
  • In-house IT staff members are able to focus on business-critical projects.
  • Companies have quicker and broader access to emerging technologies.
  • Managed IT Support Services allow for the shifting of capital expenses over to operating expenses.

Bundled together, the above reasons present a very compelling rationale for seeking out a well-qualified company to handle the day-to-day IT functions of any business.

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Proactive VS Reactive Monitoring

Network monitoring is an essential aspect of maintaining business-critical systems, and ensuring that they are always ready to support the company’s goals and objectives. When this is done on a proactive basis, it can identify problems before they actually happen, and avoid costly downtime and repairs. Our proactive monitoring is much more beneficial than the typical reactive approach which many companies are obliged to adopt due to limited resources. By the time a problem has occurred, it’s pretty much guaranteed to cost your company time and money to set things right again, and that’s exactly why being proactive makes far more business sense. We mitigate these risks with regular preventative maintenance activities to reduce the number of emergency incidents you can encounter.

Keep Costs in Check - Flat Rate Billing, Predictable Expenses Per Employee

Our Managed IT services are offered at rates which you can budget for monthly, and have the confidence that comes from knowing what your IT costs will be for that month – and for all the coming months throughout the duration of a contract period. It can be a huge benefit to your company, in terms of keeping costs in check, and not having wild fluctuations in your budgeting. This means all your mobile device management, cloud storage, security requirements, and VoiP services can come under one umbrella, and be provided reliably for one flat rate.

Virtual CIO / Technology Roadmap Discussion

We specialize in acting as a virtual CIO for your company, collaborating with your own IT personnel to whatever extent is most advantageous to your business, and participating in discussions which can help support your business now and in the future. As your virtual CIO, we can help formulate your strategic IT goals, plan your budgeting, analyze and improve on existing business practices, and even prepare a technology road map that will help you take advantage of emerging technologies which may be of benefit to your company. If your company has no IT staff at all, we can step in to fill that gap for you, and provide infrastructure support, in addition to preparing your business for future growth and scalability.

Why Choose VPLS

VPLS is a global leader in Managed IT Support Services whose full range of provided services includes all the best-in-breed technologies available in the world today. Conveniently located in Orange County and Los Angeles County, for all your service needs.  VPLS specialists are highly experienced at managing a wide variety of IT Solutions in and around Orange County and Los Angeles County.

We have seven data centers spread throughout the US and Asia, to provide Colocation and Disaster Recovery services for clients at diverse global sites. Our centers use more than 15,000 servers to support 5,000,000+ websites. A few of the basic principles which have powered this success are that we are 100% committed to the best possible customer service, the fastest response time achievable, and the highest ethical standards in the industry. Whatever your business may be, and whatever the size of your business is, VPLS IT Services in Orange County and Los Angeles County are ready to support your firm or business.

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VPLS Services

The services we provide are identified below, so when you choose the package of services which best fits the needs of your company, you can be sure that we will provide the highest level of service for almost any company’s budget. Whether you choose a monthly flat rate package, or prefer IT as-a-service (ITaaS) to pay as you go, you can be sure of getting the maximum value for your investment, and to receive reliable and responsive support from our experienced and knowledgeable engineers.

Contact VPLS and find out why so many other companies are taking advantage of Managed IT Services. The agility and flexibility which your business simply must have to keep abreast of customer demands can all be provided by the Managed IT Services we offer.

Managed Desktop / Managed Virtual Desktop
Managed Server
Managed Network /  Managed Firewall
Managed Anti-Virus
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