Public Cloud

Regardless of which public clouds your business has presently, VPLS is here to help your business take control, reduce complexity, and innovate in today’s cloud-centric world.

Make the Public Cloud work for your business

VPLS understands that in today’s cloud-centric world, you not only have multiple options for a public cloud provider, but hybrid cloud and multi-cloud architectures to consider, too. Regardless of where your assets reside today, VPLS is here to help you take control of your public cloud footprint, reduce costs and complexity, and provide innovative solutions that will translate to achieving your business objectives on-time and on-budget.

Cloud On-Ramps with CloudHop™

Through the power of CloudHop™, VPLS offers cloud on-ramp services for customers who need a low-latency, direct connection to a single public cloud provider, such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud (GCP). This direct connection allows your business to bypass the multiple hops through the congested Internet to reach the cloud, allowing your business to talk to the cloud providers of your choice directly.

Does your business have a presence in more than one public cloud? With CloudHop™, your business can quickly achieve a high-performance multicloud architecture, providing low latency interconnectivity between these cloud providers and your own VPLS Private Cloud and/or on-premises network.

VPLS Cloud & Hybrid Cloud

While the public cloud has its benefits, many businesses move to the cloud only to find costs are higher than expected. VPLS offers cost-effective hosting and storage infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) in the VPLS Cloud that is comparable in feature set, flexibility, and SLAs to the major public cloud providers.

Combine this on-demand hosting with our colocation services, Internet and Ethernet Transport services, and CloudHop™, to achieve a modern, hybrid cloud architecture meeting business needs that public clouds just aren’t able to provide on their own. Read more about our private cloud and hybrid cloud offerings on the VPLS Cloud services page.

Custom cloud solutions for your business

Microsoft Office 365 Migration

If you’re looking to upgrade your business productivity and boost employee collaboration, VPLS can help you do just that with our comprehensive Microsoft 365 migration service. Let us take your business to the cloud easily, seamlessly, quickly, and economically.

Already have an existing, on-premises Exchange server environment? We can work with you to transition to a hybrid environment that connects the on-premises server to Exchange Online. This allows a seamless migration of users from on-premise to the cloud at your own pace.

After the migration is complete, our comprehensive migration service also includes training and knowledge transfer. This ensures our customers understand the ins and outs of Microsoft 365 after deployment, allowing your business to shortcut the learning curve and be ready for the new day-to-day operations.

Overall migration time depends on number of emails and size of mailboxes, so contact us today to get started on your custom quote.

Public Cloud Professional Services

Whether your staff is new to working with the public cloud, or already have business presence in a public cloud but lack the manpower or specific expertise for an upcoming project, VPLS can provide certified engineers to assist with an extensive list of professional services for many of the major public cloud providers – AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud (GCP), to name a few.

Read more about our Public Cloud Professional Services on our Professional Services page.

VPLS is here to help your business take control, reduce complexity, and innovate in today’s cloud-centric world. Contact us today to get started!

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