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Do you need your own SOC? To help quantitatively guide your decision, try our SOC calculator to determine if you need your own SOC based on your organization's size and risk factors.

From our popular Do We Need Our Own SOC? blog post, we’re sharing a free online calculator to help you determine your own answer to that question: do you need your own SOC?

Based off MITRE’s worksheet, this modified version assigns a score to your organization. Once your complete the calculator, evaluate your score and see our recommendations below.

Evaluating Your Score

1 to 3 points

The organization can probably make do with an ad-hoc, decentralized approach to a SOC using members of the in-house IT staff, but an outsourced SOC is still recommended.

4 to 14 points

The organization probably doesn’t warrant its own SOC, but a SOC is necessary, so an outsourced SOC is recommended.

15+ points

An outsourced SOC may still work, but the organization should strongly consider its own SOC, especially if points are much higher than 15.

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