Reliant Management Partners with VPLS to Develop Custom Helpdesk Configuration


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The Challenge

Reliant Management is an award-winning IT services and MSSP serving government and regulated information environments. The firm offers incident investigation, managed services, security operations, and risk reduction consulting from both physical and electronic standpoints.

When Reliant Management’s client’s vendor lost their compliance endorsements, nearly 1,000 helpdesk users were left open to potential risk. Since Reliant Management must adhere to strict compliance regulations themselves because of their relationships with defense contractors, Reliant Management’s President turned to VPLS for assistance.

The Solution

VPLS partnered with Reliant Management to develop a custom configuration of a helpdesk dashboard, complete with capabilities to integrate Reliant Management’s existing platform with VPLS’s white label helpdesk services. The new platform allowed the Reliant team to keep their existing scripts and applications, avoiding the stress and headache of having to implement new functions.

The Result

With the helpdesk platform successfully functioning, VPLS will continue to securely onboard 100 users per month until the full migration of 1,000 users is complete.

"Ricky Zheng at VPLS did a phenomenal job onboarding the original group of users. VPLS took what could have ended up being a dire situation and created a reliable resolution for us and our clients. The platform was built in a timely and efficient manner while making sure that we were aware of the process every step of the way. VPLS will always be a top choice partner for Reliant Management and our clients."

Richard Kyaw, President of Reliant Management
Ricky Zheng, VP and General Manager of VPLS Hawaii and Pacific Islands adds, “Reliant Management has been a great client to work with. Our team is committed to ensuring that Reliant Management and their customers remain compliant, secured, and connected with custom infrastructure configurations that will withstand the test of time.”

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