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Data Center Power Options

AC Power

In the colocation world, clients are concerned with uptime. Having your equipment always on is what matters the most. All of  VPLS’ facilities are supported by UPS Conditioned and Generator backed up power, and clients can request to have either single power feed for their infrastructure, or a redundant configuration whereby power is delivered from separate electrical source trees for the utmost in reliability.

DC Power

For telecom and highly efficient users, VPLS can provide a DC Power services in any colocation environment. With our DC power services, your electrical is always on, and is supported upstream via battery and generator backup from the source all the way to your equipment.

Direct to Grid

In certain situations, clients may want the cooling, connectivity, and security benefits of a data center environment, but aren’t concerned with having 100% uptime, and can live with straight Utility Power.


With VPLS’ Direct-to-Grid service offering, we can offer you those services that you need for your lab or technical development project, and a price that’s substantially cheaper than what you would pay for in a standard colocation environment. By removing the need to have electrical redundancy, VPLS can reduce the impact on your bottom line for these environments.


This service is available at any of our Data Center locations. For more information contact us.

Data Center Features


Access to over 140 carriers. Optimal IP Layer 3 routes. Cross-connects within the datacenter between facilities.


High-Density power infrastructure backed by N+1 UPS system available in a variety of voltage and amperage configurations. We can provide you breakered or metered power.


1,300 tons of redundant cooling to ensure your IT environment is functioning at optimal efficiency.

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