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Review of 2013 by Numbers

Review of 2013 by Numbers

2013 was a great year at VPLS with over 20% growth in all our service areas. We were able to keep operations lean with only 40 staff members in the USA and 25 in Thailand. Here are some important Support statistics:

2012 2013
Total Support Tickets 139,119 119,590
Average Resolution Time 10m13s 18m44s
Average Resolution Time for Reboots 7m3s 2m58s
Average Resolution Time for Reformats 24m19s 5m56s

So why are we happy our ticket counts have gone down?

  • Automation Success! We’ve added numerous enhancements to to allow full control and self service for our customers so the need to open a support request was reduced.
  • Better hardware! With newer hardware we’re able to reduce tickets related to hardware failures.
  • Better monitoring! While other companies charge between $2 – $10 for pinging your server we give it away for free! You can monitor your server and services like http / https, IMAP, SMTP etc.

How do we explain why the Average Resolution Time increased?

  •  The degree of difficulties of the problems being reported has increased which has skewed the numbers.
  • The Average Resolution Time also is dependent on the customer responses back for things like login information etc. If customers do not provide us the details in a timely manner this effects the resolution time.
  • Also note that we have listed RESOLUTION time and not response time. This is the time is takes to completely FIX the problem and not the time it takes us to respond to a ticket.

Overall we are very proud of our Support statistics and something that should be of consideration when you choose a hosting provider. Many hosting providers have resulted to making you either:

  1. Pay for support
  2. Pay an upgrade fee for SLA’s on ticket response times
  3. Offer free support but with 24 hr response times

You can always view live statistics from our Support team here:

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