Data Center: WAW1

VPLS’s Warsaw data center is one of the two largest carrier neutral data centers in Poland.  Just a few miles from the Warsaw city center, Chopin airport and railway stations this facility is located in an ideal metro location.  

About the WAW2 Data Center

As a carrier neutral facility, our Warsaw data center allows you to connect to any telecommunications provider of your choosing. Connected to the  Thinx Internet exchange point, you will have direct access to not only Eastern European networks, but low latency access to the other European exchanges in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, and Moscow.  With almost unlimited telecommunications resources, WAW1 allows for affordable cross connects to any network or resources across Europe.

Data Center Location

Warsaw Data Center (WAW1)
Grochowska 21a
04-186 Warszawa, Poland

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WAW2 Technical Specifications



Space & Environmentals

Global Footprint


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