Data Center: DA2

Introducing DA2, a highly secured Tier III data center built to survive even the most high-grade tornados. We are happy to announce that this site in McKinney, TX is now part of our expansive global data center portfolio!

About the DA2 Data Center

VPLS’s newest edition to our data center backbone is the DA2 data center which is fully leased long-term. DA2 also features 18.8 acres of land, available for potential future data center expansions.

Data Center Location

McKinney Data Center (DA2)
Classified Address
McKinney, TX | Fully Leased

Other VPLS Data Center Locations

From Virginia to New York, and back to California, we have you covered. With VPLS, you can directly interconnect to the rest of our facilities worldwide.

DA2 Technical Specifications

Global Footprint

Space & Environmentals



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Increased Reliability

Our server network provides redundancy against failure so you experience no down time.

100% Scalability

Experience seamless expansion as your business grows.
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