VPLS Compliance

As a reputable Cloud Services provider, VPLS understands the need for proper compliance to meet industry standards such as HIPAA, PCI, and SOC. Our compliant services will help your organization maintain a good compliant standing with as minimal risk as possible. Learn about our approach to each standard.



The managed services of VPLS mandate various technologies, services and strict processes to be constructed with layered security alignment backed with HIPAA best practices. Our experts will help your team quickly acclimate to the compliance’s security practices. We offer HIPAA compliant hosting and Managed Services.

VPLS HIPAA Platform provides the following:

* Database, storage and file level encryption

* FIPS140-2 compliant network and security services

* Integration of applications and data for your healthcare organization



VPLS provides PCI compliant hosting for your organization’s IT infrastructure. Your Cloud infrastructure and applications will be managed with regulatory standards as well as best security practices to ensure qualified compliancy. VPLS can also help you validate your PCI compliance with proper certifications and documentation when the occasion calls for it.

VPLS PCI Compliant services will:

* Provide required components for a PCI-compliant platform

* Ensure compliance in all areas of data handling

* Protect customer payment card data with robust security


Service Organization Control (SOC) Compliance

VPLS continues to commit to protecting customer data with full confidentiality, accuracy and integrity at all time, even as technology rapidly advances. Our SOC2 Type II certifications demonstrates that VPLS Cloud and Managed Services are validated by a detailed third-party audit of both physical and virtual security controls (along with data protection and procedures) to uphold quality data management.

Download latest SOC3 report