Managed Enterprise Cloud

Migrating your existing IT infrastructure to the Cloud can be a very daunting task for small and medium sized businesses. Such a transition needs to be planned for, and well executed so that none of your mission critical data gets lost and downtime is minimized.

VPLS Managed Enterprise Cloud services is comprised of VPLS Professional Services which allows for this transition to the Cloud to occur seamlessly. For example, integration, migration, and onboarding and second day support services are available to you by the VPLS Technical Assistance Center (vTAC). VPLS Managed Enterprise Cloud services can even help you to create and innovate your very own Cloud with dedicated resources and hardware.

VPLS utilizes virtualization technology from the leaders in the space, VMware vSphere and vCloud, Microsoft Hyper-V and Azure on-premise, Xen and KVM. We also integrate with public Cloud services like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to provide additional services such as low cost storage archiving, CDN, and desktop services. VPLS’ VMware cloud services is powered by vCloud technology and we were 1 of 31 original vCloud Powered Distinguished Service Providers. Discuss your Cloud migration strategy with one of our representatives now and see how VPLS can assist you with your enterprise cloud requirements.