Press Release — Evocative Data Center Blazes its Way Into 2019

Press Release — Evocative Data Center Blazes its Way Into 2019

San Jose, California, April 30th, 2019 – Evocative, Inc. this week celebrates its 2-year anniversary. Since its establishment in 2017 Evocative has experienced exponential growth while maintaining 100% network uptime. This growth is fueled by Evocative’s profound dedication to exceptional service.

Since inception, the Evocative network has grown over 3000% due to the steady growth of its 500+ clients, ranging from startup companies to Fortune 50. Evocative operates in five different markets: Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas, as well as North Virginia with expansion continuing in 2019.

“Evocative’s M&A pipeline for 2019 adds additional locations and increases our overall service offerings for our clients”, says Derek Garnier, Evocative’s President & COO. Garnier adds, “Evocative will shortly be announcing a unified services platform that will create a cohesive and seamless offering from network, to colocation, to the cloud, and all services in between. Stay tuned”.

For the past two years Evocative has successfully offered top-notch colocation, hosting, Hybrid cloud, and managed services, earning them a reputation as an up-and-coming industry powerhouse. “Over the past two years we have laid all the groundwork necessary to mirror our full services stack anywhere in the world,” says Edward Buck, Evocative’s VP of Technology and Services, “all with a 100% uptime SLA.”

By the end of the year, Evocative will be a one-stop-shop for every business’s IT needs. “This is all thanks to our valued clients, partners, and exceptional staff,” states Arman Khalili, Evocative’s CEO and Founder. “Without them, our growth would not be possible.”

With its road forward paved under the leadership of CEO Arman Khalili, Evocative prepares to make big moves in the quarters to come. Today is only the mark of the beginning.


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