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Over the past decade, colocation services have become more common as businesses find themselves increasingly dependent on their IT infrastructure. Plus, the rapidly growing infrastructure of these data centers means you should be able to access critical business data around the clock.

While many small and mid-sized organizations don’t have the resources to continuously maintain and monitor their equipment, some simply don’t want to spend valuable time and effort doing so.

What are Colocation Services?

Colocation services providers offer access to network connectivity and a safe environment for hardware that allows you to serve customers around the world. A colocation facility provides business continuity protection like fire suppression systems and redundant cooling and power.

If your office is located in dense urban areas where security breaches are an issue and commercial rent is sky-high, these added security measures can be very handy.

You can lease equipment, space, and bandwidth at these facilities. Colocation is similar to cloud computing in this way: different companies share the costs of security and maintenance for a centralized data center that’s located off-site.

The data center you choose will handle everything from HVAC systems to network connectivity and security at all entry points. As for the price tag, colocation services are priced based on a recurring fee model; you can pick a rack, cabinet, or a full suite for your needs

Benefits of Choosing Colocation services

Here are just a few of the benefits offered by a colocation facility:

Cost Savings

If you currently manage your data in-house and decide to work with a managed colocation vendor, the first thing you’ll notice is the significant reduction in operating costs. A committed colocation services provider can offer you an all-inclusive package with features like customer support, security, HVAC redundancy, and network connectivity at reduced costs compared to in-house hosting.

Plus, you can be assured that your company’s data will be stored in a strong, well-built environment where unpredictable factors like power outages, costly equipment maintenance, and hiring extra security staff will be eliminated.

Better Network Security

Every organization wants to make sure its data is being guarded and monitored 24x7x365. Having expert knowledge to be able to jump on potential security threats in a timely manner is just as crucial as identifying the threat in the first place. Colocation facilities provide smarter and tighter security by utilizing most up-to-date protocols in both cybersecurity and physical infrastructure. 

Better Connectivity

Carrier-neutral colocation allows you to connect critical systems to multiple data centers for redundancy while data centers that are dedicated to just one carrier have limited options when a problem arises. A carrier-neutral data center like VPLS provides extensive connectivity options for colocation customers. With several cloud platforms, network services, and internet service providers to choose from, you can easily construct an IT infrastructure for your specific requirements.

Thanks to multi-cloud, hybrid architecture, your organization can optimize its workloads for enhanced speed and performance

Choose VPLS For Top-Tier Colocation Services

VPLS provides exclusive colocation services and access to 19 world-class data centers, backed by industry-leading Service Level Agreements and award-winning support. When you work with us, you will be provided tools to remotely manage your environment, and a support team that includes engineers and network architects to handle the full hardware life cycle management.

Want to learn more about how VPLS colocation services can help free your own IT staff so they can focus on more impactful tasks? Call us at (888) 365-2656 or simply fill out this contact form.

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