Colocation: 6 Reasons VPLS’s Colocation Services Are Better Than the Competition


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VPLS has a proven track record in effectively building tailored solutions for our customers’ distinct needs, resulting in collaborative, long-term, relationships. If you are looking for a colocation services provider for your organization, VPLS can help.

1. We Identify Organizations’ and Start-Ups’ Colocation Needs so They Can They Can Easily Build Their Infrastructure

Our engineers – who hold 200+ certifications – have a comprehensive understanding and can promptly identify your company’s technology and infrastructure needs to deliver rapid turnkey colocation services. Colocation is a cost effective and secure solution that allows you to alleviate the burden of responsibility of data security and business continuity in case of outage or natural disaster situations. VPLS has scalable colocation options to choose from for organizations of all sizes.

2. We Provide Ongoing, Long-Term Support to Address Your Unique IT and ColocationNeeds from the Get-go

VPLS will help you as your business develops by ensuring your operations aren’t obstructed by digital threats. A successful colocation solution consists of a symbiotic relationship between the provider and client. The provider must be aware of the client’s growth plans, predict future needs, and have transparent communication about their capabilities. Establishing a relationship by getting to know the client’s history and needs is one of the ways that VPLS continues to support the growth of our clients. VPLS provides you with a consistent and specialized team that understands your people, your environment, and your history.

3. We Specialize in IT Support and Infrastructure

As a modern business owner, you don’t work the conventional 9-to-5 days, which is why we offer 24x7x365 technical support. VPLS colocation services can help you maintain peace of mind while working by ensuring constant access to support staff who can respond to issues at the facilities on your behalf. Our expert team is equipped to handle equipment breaks, adjustments to your colocation requirements, and any other needs you may have.

4. We Use Our Vendor Partnerships to Your Advantage

For the last 23 years, VPLS has enjoyed advanced levels of partnerships with key vendors including VMware, HP, Ruckus Networks, and Supermicro. This allows us access to special post- and pre-project assistance support levels that other colocation services providers don’t have. VPLS is able to offer the right solutions, at the right prices, and validated by the vendor; if any issues arise, we can get them taken care of quickly and accurately.

5. We Support Both Cloud and On-Site Colocation Solutions

VPLS colocation services aim to offer the best solution for our customers, for both cloud and on-site solutions. With VPLS on your side, we can help you be properly connected to the cloud, so that all your data is backed up accordingly. But besides cloud services, you’ll have a dedicated team of professionals to assist in developing, planning, and successfully managing your IT initiatives around the clock.

6. We Complete the Projects Within Predetermined Budget and on Time, Every Time

When you choose VPLS for colocation services, we won’t nickel-and-dime you with unexpected charges or unforeseen delays. We pride ourselves in delivering precisely what we promised to deliver. Before the project begins, we will provide you with an estimated price so you can be aware of the cost you may need to pay.

Work With VPLS For Your Colocation Services Needs

VPLS will connect you with a colocation services solution that guarantees access to data and applications anytime with little to no obstructions whatsoever. When you choose us, you can reap the benefits of our proven methods that will allow your business to develop unhindered. With VPLS you can expect your ideal custom-built environment with 24/7 data center support.
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