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Author: Kevin Romo

Orange, CA – VPLS, a premier technology solutions provider, announced that it has completed a next generation wireless upgrade for Lawndale Elementary School District. The wireless upgrade included a full replacement of all indoor access points at nine school campuses and the district office, plus the addition of outdoor wireless access points. The implementation of the next generation wireless network by VPLS furthers the District’s...

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Los Angeles, CA, November 14, 2019 – Evocative Data Centers (“Evocative”), a leading provider of Internet infrastructure, colocation, hosting, and managed services, announced today that it has acquired VPLS, Inc. and VPLS Solutions, LLC to form one of the fastest growing cloud, managed services, colocation and value added resellers in the United States. The combined company will have 18 global data centers, 143 full time...

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Hurricane Dorian has tragically hit the East Coast with winds stronger than 60 mph plus tons of rainfall; a recipe for absolute destruction! The fate of homes and businesses alike is uncertain. [spacer height="20px"] It is hard to predict when natural disasters like these will strike. The only sure way to protect yourself is to always be prepared for any type of natural disaster at any time. In...

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Recently, the VPLS team has welcomed a new addition to the growing team. Senior Systems Engineer, Ali Hussain, joins VPLS after 8 dedicated years in the United States Marine Corps. In this blog, we had the privilege to sit down with a true American hero to further understand his transition from the military base to the VPLS headquarters.  [spacer height="20px"] VPLS: What motivated you to join the...

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Did you know? Every 40 seconds, a business is targeted with a ransomware attack!   Google Maps Ransomware War Map     Google Maps displays ransomware attacks against medical, educational and governmental organizations as reported across the US with the Ransomware War Map. This map provides users with the name and industry type of the attacked organization, the location of where the event took place, in addition to the date...

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Backing up your data on a regular basis is one of the most crucial practices for technology users; this ensures that your important data will never be completely gone, hence you have saved it in another form or at another place for safekeeping. On a large scale, enterprises are prime examples of how to properly backup data as they have various sources of backup strategically and conveniently spread out. Their backup sources include an on-premise option, backup stored at a data center, as well as backup stored using cloud services.

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