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Exclusively Yours: Krypt’s August Cloud Promo!

Krypt Cloud Promotion  Krypt cloud servers are among the most reliable and best-performing machines in the industry, and this month we’re giving you some extra incentive to procure one or more servers to handle all your computing needs. There has never been a better time to take advantage of discount pricing so you can enjoy […]

Deploy Your Servers with Krypt!

Deploy Servers  If you haven’t heard of Krypt, it is the division of VPLS Inc. which is responsible for dedicated servers and hosting, and currently provides hosting services to more than five million websites around the globe. Founded in 1998 as a shell and web host provider in Newport Beach, CA, the company has since […]

How to Disaster-proof Your Data with Krypt’s Auto Backup

Auto Backups  You can’t afford to have vulnerability with your business-critical data these days, because it can mean that your business may be down for some costly period, or in extreme cases, it might mean that you are obliged to go out of business altogether. There are so many cyber threats which can jeopardize your […]

The Host with the Most: Krypt’s WordPress Hosting Services 

There is no content management system (CMS) that is more popular world-wide than WordPress (WP), which means that there are countless websites powered by WordPress. At Krypt, we recognized that fact several years ago, and geared our hosting service toward providing the best hosting for WordPress websites, so as to accommodate a large number of […]

Tidying Up (Your Server) with Taka Masuda

Recently, Netflix released an on-trend, reality television series called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo with a premise built on how Organizing Consultant, Marie Kondo, helps American families declutter and reorganize their household. Each episode follows Kondo as she addresses and resolves each family’s unique organizational needs using hands-on methods to tidy up their space as […]

A Special Krypt Promotion for Our Dedicated Users

Why should you choose Krypt as your server host? Since our founding in 1998, Krypt has soared into prominence as the dedicated server and hosting division of VPLS, Inc., and currently hosts more than five million websites, as well as 500,000 IPv4 web addresses.  And now until the end of February, Krypt is offering its […]

Managed Infrastructure

VPLS provides managed infrastructure that helps businesses secure their devices. In this blog, we are focusing how our managed infrastructure specifically helps schools keep their important data safe. We pointed out three types of infrastructure that we manage and that we find important for schools.

The Importance of Managed SIEM Security in School Districts

When it comes to cyber-security, K-12 school districts have more to lose now than before. In addition to new threats and breaches, cyber-security can also prevent schools from achieving and maintaining unique K-12 requirements, such as FERPA and CIP, which can lead to numerous funding and liability issues in the long run. Educational institutions are […]

November and December 2018 Recap Blog

  November and December 2018 Recap Blog   During the months of November and December of this past year, VPLS had a plethora of reasons to celebrate; multiple 2018 Employees of the Month and Employees of the Year winners; the surpassing of both  their donation goals for their Movember campaign in November and Shoes That Fit campaign in […]