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Author: Jenny Thunyakij

New Year means New Year’s Resolutions, i.e. a fresh start to do something new or another chance to break old habits and make new habits. The start of the new year also makes it the perfect time to learn and practice new cyber security habits to ensure a safe and uninterrupted year of reaching your goals.  With our four-part blog series, New Year, New Cyber Security...

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When you're talking about virtualization platforms, there are a number of choices you have, either from established vendors, or from open-source alternatives. VMware is one of the most popular choices for virtualization, because it offers the ESXi hypervisor along with the vSphere virtualization platform. Since the hypervisor provides the main part of any foundation for virtualization platforms, it needs to be considered very carefully when...

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100-Terabyte September Promotions from Krypt! Krypt has grown from a small web hosting provider in 1998, centered in Newport Beach, CA, to a mega-provider of hosting services today, all around the globe. How did that kind of growth and international acclaim come to be? There really isn't any mystery to it, because ever since our founding, we have been a company dedicated to providing the very...

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Krypt Cloud Promotion  Krypt cloud servers are among the most reliable and best-performing machines in the industry, and this month we're giving you some extra incentive to procure one or more servers to handle all your computing needs. There has never been a better time to take advantage of discount pricing so you can enjoy the reliability and the blazing-fast speed of Krypt cloud servers.   Benefits of...

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Dedicated Servers Intel Dual Scalable Xeon Gold 5118 2.30GHz; E-214 G; E3-1230   July is a great month to take advantage of a very special promotional deal which runs through the end of the month, and which is being offered on several of our very best Krypt dedicated server packages. Krypt has been a high-end provider of bare metal servers and hosting packages since 1998, and during...

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Deploy Servers 

If you haven’t heard of Krypt, it is the division of VPLS Inc. which is responsible for dedicated servers and hosting, and currently provides hosting services to more than five million websites around the globe. Founded in 1998 as a shell and web host provider in Newport Beach, CA, the company has since mushroomed into a full-service hosting provider, and has become the pre-eminent leader in that field for all of Southern California, and for many other areas as well.

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Auto Backups 

You can’t afford to have vulnerability with your business-critical data these days, because it can mean that your business may be down for some costly period, or in extreme cases, it might mean that you are obliged to go out of business altogether. There are so many cyber threats which can jeopardize your important data that you really must have a backup of it all, at any given moment in time.

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