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Happy Lunar New Year 2018!

The Beginning of the Lunar New Year! Colorful decorations bathe the streets in bright reds, yellows, and gold, as Asian communities across the globe are bursting with excitement and festivities in welcoming the new year. And accompanying the Spring Festival is none other than the 11th Chinese zodiac symbol, the Dog. Let’s dive into the […]

VPLS Basics: Customize Styles in Word

Documentation is an essential element of any business. Whether such documents are used for internal communication or destined to reach valuable customers, a well-tuned document that is both attractive and coherent are key to effective communication. Let’s take a look at how Microsoft Word Style can help you achieve stylish documentation!

Poor UX Design and Hawaii’s False Missile Alert

DID POOR USER-EXPERIENCE DESIGN CAUSE THE FALSE ALARM IN HAWAII? Hawaiian officials have much to consider as they draft new safeguards on emergency management systems in response to the missile scare. The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HEMA) assures a full analysis will bring forth a better process, and the employee responsible for clicking the wrong […]

Top 3 Facts About The Gender Pay Gap Debate

A CLOSER LOOK AT THE GENDER PAY GAP The debate on gender pay gap has fueled many healthy conversations in organizations everywhere. And while a solution has yet to be discovered, that alone shouldn’t hinder our ability to understand how and why the gender pay gap exists. Join VPLS, as we brief you on the […]