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Author: VPLS Public Relations

VPLS and Veeam Backup and Replication

Buying vs Renting Veeam Licenses

Your business data is important and Veeam Backup and Replication is a service no business should do without. Veeam services are filled with features like advanced monitoring, reporting, and capacity planning. All readily available through multiple licensing options to fit any budget.

Join VPLS, as we take a closer look and discover which Veeam licensing option best suits your business needs!

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Mark Zuckerberg to testify in front of two senate committees.

Mark Zuckerberg to testify in front of two senate committees.

The Truth Behind the Facebook Data “Breach”

An important take away from last week’s Senate hearings, on Facebook’s so-called data breach, is that no one seems to understand what exactly happened.

Join VPLS, as we help you better understand the latest Facebook controversy.


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Desk and workstation organization

Desk and workstation organization


Spring is here and with it comes the reminder that our lives may need a little dusting, de-cluttering, and perhaps a dash of organizing.

Check out these VPLS Essential Tips for easy desk clean-up and take one step closer to feeling happy and motivated!

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VPLS explains penetration tests

What is Penetration Testing?

In 2017, IT security teams discovered that nearly 75% of the most recognized websites around the globe contained essential vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

Such mistakes were easy targets for Black Hat hackers that were eager to get their hands on confidential information from company employees and customers.

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VPLS Basics: Firewall Security

As technology develops and improves, so do the threats against your security structures and private information. For this reason, it’s become second nature to check for updates and install the latest software patches and firewall upgrades. But, how exactly does a firewall keep you safe from ongoing cyber threats from across the globe?

Take a closer look into understanding how one of the most vital tools against cyber security threats keeps you and your information safe from unsolicited visitors.

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