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Cybersecurity Tips: Back-to-School Edition

CYBERSECURITY AND BACK-TO-SCHOOL Schools are integrating more and more technology into their classrooms, requiring students to have computers, mobile devices, and other tech gadgets to be successful. As students become accustomed to technology in their everyday lives, they forget basic cybersecurity fundamentals. The fear of being hacked should be the least of any student’s worry, especially during a stressful school […]

Blizzard Launches World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

The Battle for Azeroth Begins! Launching in late 2004, World of Warcraft is still one of the largest and most popular gaming communities found worldwide. As of this week, Blizzard releases a new chapter to the series, Battle for Azeroth, bringing with it new features, captivating storylines, and (hopefully) resulting in more exciting gameplay. VPLS […]

Enterprise Mobility Management Strategy: Cost-Effective Solution To Increase Employee Productivity

DOES YOUR COMPANY HAVE AN ENTERPRISE MOBILITY STRATEGY? There’s a long list of reasons for why an employer will choose to subscribe to Enterprise Mobility Management services for their big (or small) business needs. Afterall, this cost-effective solution saves businesses money without having to sacrifice any of the essentials.

Does Your Business Need A Managed Service Provider?

Understanding Essential Functions of a Managed Service Provider In this week’s VPLS blog, we discuss the what, how, and why of a Managed Service Provider and the many ways an MSP can help you manage your business technology through budget-friendly IT services and solutions. Take a closer look at how your business can benefit and […]

The History Behind VPLS

Wondering what VPLS stands for and how the acronym became a company name? Rest assured that it most certainly does not stand for Victor, Paul, Larry, and Scott. As you may have guessed, VPLS stands for Virtual Private LAN Services, a type of virtual private network technology. But how did a tech acronym transform itself […]

The Art of Being a Father

What’s the most memorable moment you’ve experienced as a father? Being a father is the most important role a person can ever play. The journey is long and far from easy. Yet, through life’s highs and lows, fathers continuously grow alongside their children and bring joy and love that is irreplaceable. We asked a few of […]